Isuzu FVR 2000 Used

Isuzu FVR 2000 Used

This is a used 2000 Isuzu FVR with air brakes.  Truck has a 6HK1 Diesel Engine with 230 HP and a 6 Speed Manual Transmission.  Truck has a 188" Wheelbase and a GVW of 33,000 Pounds.  Truck has 11R / 22.5" Wheels.   We will ship world wide. Call for pricing, availability and shipping. Call 1-877-564-6307 if you have any further questions and ask for RT, Louis, Ronnie or Doug.
Price: $16,850

Part ID Number: 2191

Call for availability, pricing, and shipping: (803) 564-3228

Click here to see photos on Flickr for Isu_FVR_00_Dump_9-15-11.

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